The Success of eXp Women in Dubai

eXp Realty, a global real estate company known for its innovative cloud-based platform and strong agent-centric model, opened its Dubai operations just one year ago. Since then, it has become a beacon of success, particularly through the remarkable achievements of its female leaders and agents.

Dounia Fadi: Leading the Charge

Dounia Fadi, the Managing Director of eXp Dubai, brings over 18 years of real estate experience in Dubai. Her career is marked by significant accomplishments, including her previous role as Chief Operating Officer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Dubai. Dounia has been featured in Forbes and is renowned for her leadership and problem-solving skills. Under her guidance, eXp Dubai has rapidly grown, embracing the company’s innovative approach to real estate.

Denise Williams: The Pinnacle of Success

Denise Williams stands out as the most successful agent in eXp Dubai in terms of real estate sales. She has not only excelled among her female peers but also surpasses all other agents, including men, in the Dubai branch. Denise’s dedication and exceptional performance have set a high standard within the eXp community.

Maria Abrosimova and Majida Housni: More female eXp Dubai stars

Alongside Dounia and Denise, Maria Abrosimova and Majida Housni have made significant strides in the real estate industry. Although specific details about their achievements are still being gathered, their inclusion in this elite group highlights their contributions to the success of eXp Dubai.