Unlock Unlimited Potential with eXp Realty’s Revenue Share Program

What is the eXp Realty Revenue Share Program?

The eXp Realty Revenue Share Program is a groundbreaking initiative designed to reward our agents for helping to grow the company. As an agent, you can earn a percentage of the gross commission income (GCI) from the transactions closed by agents you sponsor into the company. This revenue share extends across multiple tiers, creating a potentially lucrative income stream for you.

How Does It Work?

Tiered System: The program operates on a multi-tiered system, allowing you to earn revenue share from both direct and indirect sponsors.
First Tier: Earn 3.5% of the GCI from agents you directly sponsor.
Additional Tiers: Earn smaller percentages from agents sponsored by your direct sponsors, extending through several levels.

Unlimited Potential: There’s no limit to the number of agents you can sponsor or the amount of revenue share you can earn. The more agents you sponsor and the more successful they are, the more you earn.

Annual Cap: There is an annual cap on the revenue share that can be earned from each agent. Once an agent reaches a certain level of commission, the revenue share paid out on their transactions is capped for that year.

Qualifying Agents: To unlock earnings from multiple tiers, you need to have a certain number of active, qualifying agents directly sponsored by you.